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listed Pre-paid Legal(Legal Shield) as the 12th best small company in America. This marks the fifth consecutive appearance on the annual Forbes' list. Forbes determined the 200 best small companies by looking for clear evidence of profits - a five-year average annual growth in earnings of 10 percent was required just to qualify as a candidate for the list. 


EQUITIES Magazine: Pre-Paid Legal(Legal Shield) ranks as the 33rd fastest-growing companies on the New York Stock Exchange. This is PPL’s second year to appear on Equities’ fastest-growing company list, moving from the top rank on the American Stock Exchange to the NYSE.


BLACK ENTERPRISE Magazine: Legal Protection In The Bank. July 1997 "According to the National Resource Center for Consumers of Legal Services, the average person faces legal issues four to six times a year. These are instances where legal advice could be helpful, but most people are hesitant to talk to a lawyer because they don't feel it would be cost effective."

FORBES Magazine: 200 Best Small Companies FORBES Ranks Top 200 Small Companies in America: Pre-Paid Legal (Legal Shield) #5 November 2, 1998 (Page 224)

FINANCIAL WORLD: 100 Hottest Small Cap Companies Pre-Paid Legal (Legal Shield) Ranks #7 October 21, 1996

EQUITIES Magazine: Fastest Gainers #1 on the American Stock Exchange: Pre-Paid Legal Services (Legal Shield), Inc. - Ada, OK. July\August 1998

INDIVIDUAL INVESTOR: Lay-Away Lawyers "Whether or not you think America's glut of attorney's is the bane of the nation's existence, it is a simple truism that the legal system plays an integral part in American society." December 1995

MONEY Magazine: Top 50 Stock Picks for the 90's Pre-Paid Legal(Legal Shield) Ranks #13 August 1998

SUCCESS Magazine: Toughness After 25 Hard Years, Pre-Paid Legal(Legal Shield) Becomes Overnight Success August 1997 Wall Streets Picks for 1998 by Kirk Kazanjian Wall Streets Biggest Stars Name This Years Most Promising Stocks and Mutual Funds. "It's a sign of the times. While people used to feel secure knowing they had a good health and dental plan in place, today they feel incomplete without legal insurance," says Michael DiCarlo, founding partner DFS Advisors.